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Tree Surgery Northampton

Our tree surgery services include a broad range of tree work to help you keep healthy and good-looking trees for years to come.  Our skilled tree surgeons can perform a range of tasks as needed to help you look after your trees.  Some of our services include:

  • Crown reduction – removing specific branches to allow more light into an area whilst keeping the natural beauty of the tree
  • Crown thinning – removing branches throughout the tree’s crown which helps to reduce the density of branches
  • Dead wooding – removing any dead or dying wood throughout the canopy (often a safety aspect rather than an aesthetic aspect)
  • Pollarding – removing all branches to pollard heads in annual cycles.

Our team in Northampton will be on hand to help you with your requirements and are certainly able to advise you on the best course of action for your trees.

Our Popular Tree Services

Selected Tree Surgery services in Northampton.

Tree Surgery

Eden Tree Specialists Ltd carry out a wide variety of tree surgery services, pruning, tree care throughout Northamptonshire.

Stump Removal

Eden Tree Specialists Ltd offer a wide variety and effective stump removal services utilising our state of the art machinery.

Tree Removal

If a tree needs to be removed due to ill health, aesthetic reasons or dangerous in public places, we can help.

Hedge Maintenance

Well maintained and trimmed hedges will help with the overall appearance of your garden or outdoor area.

A: We provide a comprehensive range of tree surgery work, from tree removal and safety management through to tree and hedgerow planting and pruning.

A: As each tree requires a different plan of action, it is very difficult to give price lists for work completed.  It is always better to contact our team to get a quote for the work you require.

A: Yes, we have specialist services for veteran trees, allowing for safe care and management of the tree for enjoyment in the years to come.  There are a number of procedures we can use to maintain older trees safely and effectively

A: Yes, we have a consultancy service.  We can give advice about the best course of action for your tree with regard for safety as well as the way the tree looks.

Tree Maintenance in Northampton

Of course, not all trees need the same care and attention.  Sometimes, a little maintenance goes a long way when dealing with the health of your trees!  Our maintenance services could include pruning, removing branches, cutting away dead wood or simply checking the safety of trees.  Our skilled team in Northampton are fully qualified to advise and carry out procedures to high standards, allowing you to enjoy your healthy and happy trees for longer.

We don’t just deal with removing trees either!  We offer a tree planting service, ideal for those looking to bring more colour into their garden, to add a new hedgerow or to plant a special tree to mark an occasion.  Our team in Northampton use only the best suppliers of young sapling trees through to mature trees or instant hedges.

Northamptonshire Tree Services

Our team carry out tree surgery services throughout Northampton and the surrounding county, offering a broad range of services for tree management and maintenance.  We are fully insured with full public liability and employees liability insurance to ensure peace of mind for each and every job we carry out in the area.  With over 10 years experience in the tree surgery industry, our team are highly skilled and fully equipped to handle a range of tree problems, assuring you of the best quality workmanship every time.