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Eden Tree Specialists Ltd carry out a wide variety of tree surgery services, tree care and pruning, including the following:

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is the overall reduction of the tree’s canopy by removing specific branches to adequate pruning points, which if done correctly has a minimum impact on the tree and will lessen the amount of re-growth caused from pruning cuts.  This will result in a natural looking tree having been reduced in height and/or width.

This technique can be used to let through more light into an area while maintaining the natural beauty of the tree.  In some cases a crown reduction can prevent larger over-extending limbs from failing or breaking and reduce the sail effect from the canopy lessening impact from wind.

Crown Thin

Crown thinning is the removal of branches throughout the tree’s crown.  This involves thinning each branch individually and evenly to reduce its density resulting in more light passing through, weight reduced from each limb preventing possible limb failure, reducing the sail of the tree from wind while maintaining the tree’s initial shape.

Crown lift

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest limbs to raise the canopy to a desired height.  When dealing with mature or veteran trees, the largest lowest limbs will have their secondary growth removed while they remain, as the removal of large lower limbs may incur rot and infection which will jeopardise the longevity of the tree.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the removal of all dead wood throughout the canopy of the tree, which is normally done in the interests of safety as high winds can easily blow dead wood out.  In some cases it is good to leave dead wood, if possible, as it creates a good habitat for wildlife, including bats and woodpeckers.

Crown Clean

A crown clean will often depend on the species as to how this pruning is conducted.  It is often the combination of a crown thin and removal of dead wood giving the tree a tidier, clean appearance.


Pollarding is the removal of all branches leaving a structural looking frame which can be pruned back to such points known as pollard heads in yearly cycles.  This is often a process performed on young trees as they adapt to this form of pruning.  However, certain mature trees can be pollarded and these include Willows, Limes and London Plains.

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