Stump Removal

Fast and Professional Stump Removal Services

Eden Tree Specialists Ltd offer the most effective method of stump removal with the use of our state of the art machinery. Using our ‘stump grinding’ machines we are able to accurately, and with little impact to the stumps surroundings, safely remove the stump by grinding it away.

Our machinery can access the most difficult to reach stumps and can remove even the largest of stumps. So even if it’s in your back garden, in a difficult to reach spot and 2 metres across, you will be surprised where our machinery can access and what it can deal with!

We will grind the stump to a suitable depth to allow for;

  • Replanting of new trees and plants.
  • Allow for lawn turf or seeding.
  • Create room for landscaping or building works.

After the grinding is completed, the arisings produced from the work are usually back filled into the hole created and any excess removed from site. However, if you prefer, all the waste can be removed from site.

Will the stump grow back after grinding?

In most cases once the tree root ball has been removed the tree will not grow back. However, with certain species, such as Willow for example, the tree may regenerate from the root plate. With these species, we often apply a poison to the stump first and then return once we know the tree has been successfully poisoned and the grinding can then take place.

Honey Fungus on Tree Stumps

Honey Fungus can be identified by the presence of the classic looking mushrooms found in small cluster groups, with a yellowish colour, found at the base of the affected tree/stump. The tree will also show signs of poor health with leaves appearing late in spring and die back of branches within the crown.

Honey fungus feeds from living and dead woody material in trees and shrubs. Due to this, it’s advised to remove the affected trees/stump and all waste produced to prevent its spread. If honey fungus is present in a hedgerow, you should remove several metres past the affected area, grind the stumps and remove all soil. Once this is completed you can replant with honey fungus tolerant species such as Yew.

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