Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Maintenance

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Hedge Trimming and Reducing

Eden Tree Specialists Ltd offer a yearly hedge trimming maintenance service, as well as hedge reducing and getting into order those overgrown hedges which may be causing neighbour disputes.

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Hedge Removal & Planting

A wide range of hedge maintenance services

Hedge Removal

Our Tree Surgery team will safely and efficiently remove any size hedge from your garden or outdoor area. We are able to grind and remove the stumps and remove all excess waste from site.

Hedge Planting

We offer a complete service for hedge planting and we are happy to advise you on the best species to suit you, depending on the environment and your requirements. We can then come back on a yearly basis to maintain the hedging for you. For further information on our planting services see our Tree and Hedge Planting page.

Please Contact Us for a free no-obligation quotation and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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Hedge Cutting Specialists

Friendly & Experienced Team

We offer a one-of-a-kind, customer service-oriented experience here at Eden Tree Specialists Ltd. Our knowledgeable staff can design the perfect plan for you whether you want us to keep your hedges trimmed and tidy or let your borders grow more naturally. We offer hedge maintenance and cutting services that focus on the biodiversity needs of sites. Our in-house professionals will work with you to maintain your space to the highest quality standards. We offer a year-round service for shrub clearance and maintenance.

Please contact us for a free no-obligation quotation and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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Tree Surgery Services

Our professional and effective Tree Surgery services.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Consultancy

Advice & Guidance from our Tree Consultancy team.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Surgery

Affordable & Professional Tree Surgery.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Veteran Tree Management

Accredited Professional Tree Surgery Services.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Removal

Top to Bottom Tree Removal Service.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Stump Removal

Removing stumps to allow for new plants.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Site Clearance

Fast & Efficient Site Clearance.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Planting

Advice, Recommendation & Planting of New Trees.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Commercial

Full range of Commercial Tree Surgery Services.

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