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Tree Planting

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Quality Tree Planting Services

Whether you would like to bring more colour into your garden, add a new hedgerow boundary or would like a tree planting for a special occasion, we cover all tree planting from young saplings to mature trees and fantastic instant hedges.

We offer advice on which tree to plant in your garden taking into account the suitability of the soil, light, ground condition, wind exposure, drainage and competition from surrounding trees. With all this into account we can decide on a suitable tree for the location.

We use the best suppliers of both bare root and mature trees to ensure only the very best specimens are planted.

Please contact us for a free no-obligation quotation and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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Tree Planting Specialists

Friendly & Professional Team

Our team here at Eden Tree Specialists Ltd specialise in large tree installation and planting projects. We'll create a custom plan that fits the species-specific needs of the tree and achieves your vision.

At Eden Tree Specialists Ltd, we have a wide breadth of experience and knowledge when it comes to trees. This enables us to provide solutions for trees of all sizes and maturity levels. Furthermore, because we have construction and planting experience, we can easily solve any logistical issue you may come across.

The services we provide can be scaled to fit any size project, large or small. We use state of the art equipment and techniques and prioritize tree care and wellbeing above all else. This gives trees the best chance of success, which we can support with tailored maintenance contracts.

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Experienced Team

Domestic & Commercial Clients

If you want your newly-planted tree to survive and grow, proper planting is key. Unless you have experience with planting trees, we recommend using our professional in-house service. Our experts here at Eden tree offer a friendly and professional service that is highly regarded within the Bedfordshire area. For complete assurance, all of the stock we plant come with a full establishment guarantee.

Please contact us for a free no-obligation quotation and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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Tree Surgery Services

Our professional and effective Tree Surgery services.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Consultancy

Advice & Guidance from our Tree Consultancy team.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Surgery

Affordable & Professional Tree Surgery.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Veteran Tree Management

Accredited Professional Tree Surgery Services.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Removal

Top to Bottom Tree Removal Service.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Stump Removal

Removing stumps to allow for new plants.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Site Clearance

Fast & Efficient Site Clearance.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Planting

Advice, Recommendation & Planting of New Trees.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Commercial

Full range of Commercial Tree Surgery Services.

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Eden Tree Specialists Ltd are a family run business offering professional and qualified advice for people who require a wide range of services on their trees.