Veteran Tree Management

Expert Veteran Tree Care and Management

Veteran Tree Management maintains the beauty and integrity of the tree for future generations to enjoy.  Each individual tree will require its own report to assess necessary procedures.  These procedures may include:

  • Re-trenchment which involves removing the outer large dead from the tree which is caused when the tree shrinks to stabilise itself in old age.
  • Bracing and propping old heavy limbs to prevent pruning to maintain their form.
  • Coronet cuts/natural fracture pruning which involves pruning a limb to replicate storm damage, which may shock the tree into creating new fresh growth and it is also good for the habitat of wildlife as they often nest in the crevices of trees
  • Phased reduction which is when you reduce a tree over several years to minimise stress to the veteran tree.
  • Installing lightning protection
  • Air spading which is high powered air which is blasted at the soil surrounding the tree to relieve compaction, improve aeration in the soil and drainage issues. This is also a method of inspecting the roots for their health.

Eden Tree Specialists Ltd are fully insured with £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance and all works are carried out in accordance with BS3998:2010 Recommendations for Tree Work.  Full Site Specific Risk Assessments are carried out before works commence.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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