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Reliable Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance Services

Eden Tree Specialists serve as your local tree surgeon, offering a comprehensive range of services to assist you in maintaining the trees on your property. Our Tree Surgeon services are well-suited for clients in and around the Bushey and greater Hertfordshire areas. Whether you require complete Site Clearance or simple maintenance of trees and hedges, our services are endorsed by national bodies like the Arb Association.

We take pride in the level of expertise we provide to our clients and the diverse range of services we offer. Our team comprises highly skilled and qualified tree surgeons and arborists equipped with top-of-the-range tools and equipment. Our primary Tree Surgery office in Bedford caters to areas in Hertfordshire. We are committed to performing tasks that benefit the trees and the surrounding landscape, adhering to our belief in doing the job properly.

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Tree Surgery Services

Our professional and effective Tree Surgery services.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Consultancy

Advice & Guidance from our Tree Consultancy team.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Surgery

Affordable & Professional Tree Surgery.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Veteran Tree Management

Accredited Professional Tree Surgery Services.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Removal

Top to Bottom Tree Removal Service.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Stump Removal

Removing stumps to allow for new plants.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Site Clearance

Fast & Efficient Site Clearance.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Tree Planting

Advice, Recommendation & Planting of New Trees.

eden-tree-logo-black-fullpng Commercial

Full range of Commercial Tree Surgery Services.

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Why Choose Eden Tree?

Professional Advice

Eden Tree Specialists Ltd are a family run business offering professional and qualified advice for people in Hertfordshire who require Tree Surgeon services on their trees

There are lots of people claiming to offer tree surgery services; be careful to choose a professional company such as Eden Tree Specialists to do a great job at a price which is affordable.

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Professional Tree Surgeon Services Bushey

ARB Approved Contractor

We are proud to have the Arboriculture Association's Accreditation, which enables us to give professional advice and services that serve both trees and the environment surrounding them.

We Cover Local & Nationwide

We at Eden Tree Specialists provide top-quality tree care services to customers throughout the nation; however, please bear in mind that we are located in Bedford. Thus, a single stump removal job way up in Inverness would not be economically feasible for us to service. Our more popular service areas include Cambridge, Bedford, Northampton, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Ely and Milton Keynes—just to list a few.

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Eden Tree Specialists Ltd are a family run business offering professional and qualified advice for people who require a wide range of services on their trees.